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Yes, I know picture is spelled wrong

Wow! It's been ages since I've done any updates to the old picutre gallery. And now's the time to do it, because I just got a digital camera, and I've been going nuts with it!

Only thing is, it's too hard to put up all my pictures here on Chaos in a Box. Especially since there's stuff like Facebook, where it's so easy to post photos.

That's why you'll find all my pictures on Facebook. And, Facebook's photo galleries are open to the public, so you don't have to be a member to surf into them!

So, please, head on over to my Facebook photo galleries!

My Sunday Drive - September 16, 2007
Going for a sunday drive down this little logging road I know

Miscellaneous Vacation Photos - September 14, 2007
Wrapping up my summer vacation of 2007

Gateway Park - September 14, 2007
This park on the southside of Edmonton that I finally stopped in at.

Jasper: And All the Rest - September 14, 2007
Wrapping up the rest of my Jasper photos

Jasper: Trains! - September 14, 2007
Checking out trains in the Jasper railyard

Jasper: Maligne Canyon - September 14, 2007
One of Jasper's more famous spots

Jasper: Mt. Edith Cavell - September 14, 2007
One of the prettiest sites in Jasper

Jasper: Athabasca Falls and Miette Hot Springs - September 14, 2007
My two favourite spots in Jasper

Out and About in Drumheller - September 14, 2007
Touring throughout the Alberta Badlands

The Royal Tyrrell Museum - Part 2 - September 14, 2007
The second half of my long-awaited return to the museum

The Royal Tyrrell Museum - Part 1 - September 14, 2007
The first half of my long-awaited return to the museum

West Edmonton Mall - The Rest - August 28, 2007
Breaking in the digital camera with some tacky tourist shots of the mall

West Edmonton Mall - August 28, 2007
Breaking in the digital camera with some tacky tourist shots of the mall

My Thinking Place - August 17, 2007
This little campground north of Athabasca where I go hang out

Boyle & Colinton - August 14, 2007
A couple of towns where I go and hang out.

Breaking in my New Digital Camera - August 6, 2007
Best birthday present ever!

Weird Al at Capital Ex - July 27, 2007

Capital Ex - July 27, 2007
Had to kill some time before MEETING MY HERO!

Cellphone Snapshots - July 19, 2007
Before I got a digital camera, I was playing with my cellphone camera.

Magnificent River Rats 2007 - July 6, 2007
The pictures that weren't cleared for the company website.

Boyle Quad Safety Fair - June 27, 2007
Playing aroudn while on assignment.

the Amazing Adventures of the Scarecrow - May 28, 2007
Just a collection of photos cluttering up my hard drive.

And now, we get down here, and you can get glimpse of some of the pictures I put online before deciding to let online apps do all the work.

And here's some from the days before thumbnails:

Fish on a Stick -- November 2002

Nagatoro Cliffs -- November 2002

Nagatoro Cliffs in the Other Direction -- November 2002

The Dog and Pony Show -- November 2002

Entrance to the Shrine -- November 2002

Spot the Tourist -- November 2002

Return of the Tourist -- November 2002

The Mountains of Nagatoro -- November 2002

Return of an Old Friend -- November 2002

Me in my Halloween Costume -- October 2002

Spidey After Hours -- October 2002

The Orange Sky -- June, 2002

The Orange Sky, Revisited -- June 2002

The Orange Rainbow -- June 2002

The Other End of the Orange Rainbow -- June 2002

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