The Pokémon Drinking Game!

Coming from a hard-drinking group of cousins and uncles, I know that all forms of alcoholic beverages will forever be around to tempt me, despite my personal choice not to drink. And, with most movie critics describing the Pokémon movies as the ideal things to watch while stoned, I knew that their had to be some way to combine the simple childhood pleasures of watching Pokémon, and the grown-up pasttime of getting hammered.

My preliminary research into exisisting Pokémon drinking games left me somewhat disappointed. Most of them were created back in 1998, when the cartoon first hit North American shores. As such, most exisisting Pokémon drinking games tend to revolve primarily around the first season. My goal with this game was to create one general enough to be used for all seasons of the show. I haven't tried it yet with the movies, but I think it'll get you sufficiently hammered while watching those, too.

And for younger readers, let me say that you really shouldn't be drinking beer or anything like that, at least not until you get to university. In your situation, use Hawaiian Punch. That should get you on a nice, legal sugar-high. Personally, as these hot, summer days begin to set in, I'll be using a Slurpee. So, sit back, grab your glass or bottle or whatever, and let's play the game!

Sip when:
- Pikachu uses an electric attack
- Ash whips out his Pokedex
- Ash calls home to Professor Oak
- The G.S. Ball is mentioned/seen
- Team Rocket does their team motto
- That Meowth Ballon appears
- The Magicarp sub appears
- James's Victorybell attacks him
- Team Rocket goes "blasting off again."
- Team Rocket uses their patented "dig a hole" trap
- Officer Jenny appears
- Nurce Joy appears
- Brock hits on a girl
- Brock's cooking
- Misty mentions her bike
- Misty gets all dreamy as she talks about something
- Someone mentions a Pokemon Center
- Psyduck appears
- Wabbafett appears
- Those words, "To Be Continued" appear

Chug when:
- Ash wins a badge
- Ash captures a new Pokémon
- Misty, Brock, or Tracey captures a new Pokémon
- Gary appears (opening credits don't count)
- Giovanni ("The Boss") appears (opening credits don't count)
- Team Rocket "blasts off" a SECOND time in an episode
- Meowth attacks
- A pokémon evolves
- Those other Team Rocket members, Butch and Cassidy, appear
- Togepi uses an attack
- Misty calls forth Psyduck ON PURPOSE
- Officer Jenny AND Nurse Joy appear together
- Ash tearfully says good-bye to one of his pokémon
- The song at the end of the show mentions Pikachu

Down a 6-pack when:
- TEAM ROCKET captures a new Pokémon (and keeps it!)
- You recognize a voice artist from another anime
- You're watching one of the episodes banned in North America

Good luck and happy hammering!

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