Scarecrow on Midday!

Hey all! Well, I've just got to share the coolest thing that just happened to me! As I'm sure you all know, everyday here in Canada there is this wonderful little news show called Midday. Since I am unemployed and have nothing better to do, I watch it everyday at lunch. Back on Monday the 18th of October, they had a debate as to whether society had gotten too busy. They had the debate going about how busy-ness has become a status symbol, and how people have been forced into being busy. And, at the end of the segment, they invited us, the viewers, to send in our e-mail comments on this subject. Well, since I am unemployed and have nothing better to do, I sat down and fired off an e-mail about how society is, indeed, too busy. You will imagine my pleasant suprise when today, Thursday the 21st of October, they read my letter on the air! What you are about to read is the exact letter I sent in. It was read on-air almost word-for-word. This is, for the most part, exactly how it was on TV:

Hey Midday!

Just saw your report on whether society is too busy or not, and I just have to agree that society is way too busy! I gradutated from university back in May, and have been unemployed ever since. All my family and friends have trouble grasping the concept that I have been "not busy" for all this time. In contrast, my sister went backpacking across Europe for the summer, and she got a job within a week of coming back home because she couldn't stand being "not busy." Society, as a whole, has become too busy, and I think that this world would be a better place if they all took my lead, and spent at least 6 months to a year being "not busy." It's something everyone should do at least 3 times in their life.

But, sadly, I do have to get busy soon. My first student loan payment is due Dec. 1.

Mark Cappis
Entwistle, Alberta

Is that cool or what? A little 15 seconds of fame to brighten my day! Now if you'll excuse me, my job hunt continues.

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