What's Wrong With This Picture?

So, we've recently begun having the meetings for the Liberal Association in a conference room in the Stony Plain Travellodge. It's a very nice facility, too, if I may say so. Anyway, the first time we had our meeting there, I showed up about a half an hour before our president, so most of my time was spent making a nussiance of myself in the lobby. As with most hotel lobbies, there's a little stand set up with brochures for tourist traps throughout the province. Soon, I spotted this postcard for the Kontos restaurant in Jasper.

The Picture in Question

At first, I found this a little frustrating. I've been going to Jasper every summer since I was 3, I should know where this Kontos restaurant is. Especially since the building looks so darned familiar. But as I studied this postcard a little closer, I soon noticed a peculiarity about it. I soon started wondering, "Gee! I wonder if anyone else could spot the error in this picture?" So, I post it here for you to spot the error!

Can You Spot The Error?

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