I've had a lot of time on my hands lately, and I tend to watch a few cartoons rather obsessively. So, I figured what better way to kill time than to write episode guides for these cartoons? I first attempted this with an episode guide for Superman that I originally published as one of my columns. That went over really well, so I wrote a few more! Please, check them out. Not only will you find complete plot synopses, but my own personal comments on favorite episodes, plus little trivia bits. Enjoy!

The Super Project: A Guide To Superman: The Animated Series - Originally published as one of my columns.

The Spider Project: A Guide To Spider-Man

The Nightstone Project: A Guide To Gargoyles - Includes the proposed spin-offs, and what happened to the movie!

The Gamma Project: A Guide To The Incredible Hulk

The Mainframe Project: A Guide To ReBoot

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